I think philosophy is important and it took me some time to find high quality online resources for learning about the discipline. I'm hoping to compile some resources on this page that I enjoy and that will be able to help others who are interested in learning more.

Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy link

The SEP is a comprehensive, up-to-date, and academically reviewed 1600+ article resource of philosophy and philosophers. A wonderful and free resource that makes me proud of the internet.

The Great Philosophers Podcast link

In this podcast Bryan MaGee interviews famous philosophers and covers topics ranging from Philosophy of Language to the Frankfurt School. I actually uploaded this podcast for free to iTunes. It was previously only available disparately in video format. I think of it as sort of analogous to bringing a book back into print in the digital age and hopefully some people enjoy it.

Wikipedia Series on Philosophy link

A good resources for surveying some of the major topics, philosophers, and problems in philosophy. A fun fact about wikipedia and philosophy: if you click the first link of any article enough times you will eventually end up on the Philosophy page.

List of online courses in philosophy link