Me in 10 Seconds

Hi, I'm Zack Baker. I grew up in Noblesville, Indiana and currently study philosophy at UC Berkeley. I love learning and building things and you can learn more about my various projects here. I spend my free time reading, running, meditating, playing guitar, and being outside.

Early History

When I was in middle school I discovered computer programming at a local library. I quickly became obsessed and taught myself how to program with books and online courses. As the iPhone became popular I started learning Objective-C and building iOS apps which my friends and family could use. I started a successful freelancing company and then in high school, thanks to the support of some amazing teachers, I built an award winning SaaS company called PassWhiz. I've thought a lot about entrepreneurship and education and I co-hosted a popular EdTech podcast about just that. I always dreamed of coming to the Bay Area to be in the midst of the entrepreneurs and companies I so admired and UC Berkeley gave me the chance to follow those dreams.

What I'm Doing Now

Since coming to Berkeley I've continued my interest in entrepreneurship working with different startups (resume) and investing in university entrepreneurs with Contrary Capital. In school, I'm studying Philosophy and it's making me a better interdisciplinary thinker, writer, and problem solver. I'm interested in complex systems, philosophy of technology, philosophy of science, and philosophy of mind.