About Me.

Hi, I’m Zack. My professional interest in startups and investing began when I discovered computer programming in middle school. I taught myself how to program using the internet and by high school I had founded what would become a successful EdTech SaaS startup. That company would go on to win awards and I decided to move to the Bay Area for college from my hometown in Indiana. While in school at UC Berkeley I sold that company, led the Kairos Society chapter at Cal, and became a Venture Partner with the Berkeley team at Contrary. I’m now working full-time at Contrary as the Head of Operations.

Academically, I’m interested in theories of language, political philosophy, complexity science, and anthropology. I graduated from Berkeley with a degree in Philosophy and while in school I hosted a popular philosophy podcast called Re:thinking that was featured by the American Philosophy Association.

I’m always open to meeting ambitious, curious, and kind people and you can contact me at zackabaker (at) g m a i l.